About Us


 It is our goal to foster fellowship among Catholic Christian Women for the purpose of: 

Evangelizing women

Building a faith community

Promoting the development of the spiritual life of every woman

Reaching out as a group in ministry 


The Fellowship of Catholic Christian Women (FCCW) ministry, founded in Riverside, CA on January 29, 1996, by Patricia A. Scileppi (1945-2009),  exists to bring women together in the Spirit, and to deepen each one’s personal relationship with God while fostering a faith-based community centered on Christ Jesus.

 Fellowship groups form in parishes to help women grow in faith and spiritual commitment by prayerful study and sharing on Catholic/Scriptural topics.

The FCCW ministry supports existing fellowships, while inspiring and encouraging the start of new ones, through sponsoring formation and leadership workshops, retreats, and Women's Day events.

The FCCW corporation is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization.   Click here for donation support information. 

Meet our Board of Trustees and Officers 

 “In what way(s) has your participation in the ministry of FCCW enriched your relationship with Jesus?”

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Perhaps the most important opportunity for members of the Fellowship of Catholic Christian Women ministry is that it offers women a chance to experience the value of community. Our vision includes our desire to grow as members of the Body of Christ, despite the persistence of secular values which stress the importance of individualism over the value of community.

Thomas Merton said it this way, "There is no truly free society (or community) except in heaven. But that heavenly society is to be reflected as much as possible on earth. It is the responsibility of the Christian person to seek to bring this about. It needs to be reflected on earth by a society that is united by self-sacrifice and love, mercy and compassion, selflessness and a participation in the divine Pity."

*The value of community is at the heart of the FCCW ministry's philosophy.