Historical Notes
Historical Notes

Fellowship of Catholic Christian Women®~The First 20 Years

 20th Anniversary Celebration 1996-2016

 Saint Mother Teresa and FCCW

Blessed Mother Teresa

Here is the story of the brief relationship between Mother Teresa and the Fellowship of Catholic Christian Women ministry (FCCW) at St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish:

In the fall of 1996, the Fellowship of Catholic Christian Women ministry began a four month study of the life and work of Mother Teresa.  After a few weeks, I learned that one of my colleagues at Riverside Community College was going to India to adopt a child.  While there, he intended to try to see Mother Teresa.  So I decided to ask him to speak to our fellowship when he returned. He suggested that if our fellowship wanted to make a donation to Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity, since she didn't do fund raising,  he would take it to her personally if he could.

During our next session, our fellowship collected $304. We placed the money along with a letter, which we all signed, in a St. Catherine of Alexandria envelope. On his way to India he met a woman on the plane who said she knew Mother Teresa well and gave him the number he could call upon his arrival in Calcutta.  He called that number and was told exactly which Mass to attend on a particular day and he would be able to see her.  When mass ended, he was led to her and presented her with our donation.

Our fellowship has a beautiful 8 x 10 picture of Mother Teresa with my colleague handing her the St. Catherine of Alexandria envelop with the $304 donation.  A month later she wrote us the letter that follows.

In His Love,

Patricia Scileppi

September 24, 1997

The picture above is the picture of Pat's colleague and Mother Teresa.  On the back of our FCCW flyers is the letter and blessings  Mother Teresa bestowed on the FCCW ministry. 


Historical Notes

The Fellowship of Catholic Christian Women ministry (FCCW), founded in Riverside, CA on January 29, 1996, by Patricia A. Scileppi (1945-2009), exists to bring women together in the Spirit, and to deepen each one’s personal relationship with God while fostering a faith-based community centered on Christ Jesus. 

The first Spanish-speaking fellowship: FCCM (Fraternidad Catolica Cristiana de Mujeres) was established in Rialto, CA at St. Catherine of Siena in 2006. As a fully recognized Apostolic Ministry Group in the Diocese of San Bernardino California, the FCCW ministry continues to grow nationally under the leadership of Ministry President, Barbara Cheddar.



St. Catherine of Alexandria, Riverside CA

First FCCW outing to the Huntington Library

San Marino, CA     June, 1996




 Wevy Aragon, FCCW member at Divine Mercy Parish (formerly St. Lawrence O'Toole/St. Cyril) in Oakland, CA, on an evangelization and medical mission to the Philippines. Wevy, member of "Sons and Daughters of Naguilan" (her hometown) organized a FREE recollection to be given to the Christian Laity and Citizens of Naguilan on Feb 6-8, 2009. Their Bishop, Most Rev. Artemio Rillera will facilitate the recollection.