20th Anniversary 2016
20th Anniversary 2016
20th Anniversary 2016

20th Anniversary 2016


Attendees of the 20 year celebration at Canyon Crest Country Club in Riverside, CA on January 16, 2016

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The Fellowship of Catholic Christian Woman ministry started in 1996, in the home of Foundress Patricia Scileppi, in Riverside, CA.  

There are more than 35 fellowship groups in four western states (AZ, CA, TX, WA).


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Testimonials written in English:

(Names in white have a video of their testimonial. Click on their name)

Cheryl Barnett:  The St. Catherine’s of Alexandria, Riverside weekly bulletin had an announcement inviting the women of the parish to attend a newly formed women’s group.  It was 1996 and the beginning of my 20 year friendship and love of the Fellowship of Catholic Christian Women. .... more

Jeanne Ecker:  (Joined 2005) St. Joseph Church 7pm Thursdays Elk Grove, CA
The FCCW has helped me grow so much, not just in knowing more about my faith, but in my desire to want to know more  It has given me a peace.... more

Pat Ashlock :  (joined 2014) St. John Vianney AM Facilitator 10am Tuesdays Goodyear, AZ
Since I joined FCCW, I have become so much more aware of the need and love of Christ in other women’s lives. We carry so many crosses. I have spent more “alone” time with Christ than ever before...  more

Luz Mocete:  (Joined 2008) St. Christopher Church 7 pm Wednesdays Moreno Valley, CA
Through FCCW I have a more intimate experience with Jesus because I get to be with women who love Him and share that love and experiences with one another. I have learned how to hear from God more effectively and that I am not the only one going through hard times...   more

Leticia Espinales:   (Joined 2014) Good Shepherd Church 9am Tuesdays Schertz, Texas
My participation in the ministry of the Fellowship of Catholic Christian Women (FCCW) has enriched not only my relationship with Jesus, but with others as well. I had been away from the church for quite a few years, but I felt there was something missing from my life...  more

Judi Hubbard:   St. Catherine of Alexandria 10am Mondays     Riverside, CA  
... I tried 2 years of teaching CCD and even though this challenged me, it did not fill that yearning.  So reading about the start of a new women’s fellowship in St. Catherine’s bulletin was an answered prayer! ... more

Maria Hermisillo: St. Kateri Tekakwitha 10am Tuesday, Spanish Banning, CA
This is a letter in which I want to explain how God is transforming my life, because of my attendance in the group, Fellowship of Catholic Christian Women. When I arrived at this community I was carrying much sadness and depression... more

Maria Perales:   FCCM Spiritual Guide
Those of us, who got to know Pat, are aware of that certain magnetism she possessed. I met Patricia Scileppi in 2005. When she discovered I was bilingual and a Spanish teacher, she quickly let me know she would like a Spanish version of FCCW. I liked the idea but knowing from personal experience, how Hispanic men see the woman's role... more

Sr. Eileen Rafferty:   St. Catherine of Alexandria 10 Mondays Riverside, CA
I visited the Fellowship meeting in the Fall of 2000. Pat greeted me with a warm welcome which indeed was an encounter with Jesus... Jesus loved and respected women for who they were and the Fellowship follows in His footsteps... more

Testimonials written in Spanish:

Cheryl Barnett:  St. Catherine of Alexandria 10am Lunes Riverside, CA
En Santa Catalina de Alejandría de Riverside, en su boletín semanal tenían un anuncio invitando a las mujeres de la parroquia para asistir a un grupo de mujeres recién formado... mas

Jeanne Ecker: St. Joseph, Elk Grove, Ca 7:00pm Miércoles Año en que empezó con FCCW/FCCM? 2005
FCCW me ha ayudado a crecer mucho, no solamente he aprendiendo más acerca de mi fe, pero en mi deseo de saber más... mas
Pat Ashlock:   St. John Vianney, Goodyear, AZ AM Facilitator 10am Martes Con el grupo desde 2014
Desde que me reuní con FCCW, Me he hecho más consiente de la necesidad del amor de Cristo en la vida de otras mujeres.. mas

Luz Mocete:   Iglesia  de san CRISTOBAL Moreno Valley, Ca 7:00pm Miércoles Año en que empezó con FCCW/FCCM? 2008
Atreves de FCCW he tenido una experiencia más íntima con Jesús porque eh podido estar con mujeres que lo aman y comparten ese amor y esas experiencias con las unas y las otras...  mas

Leticia Espinales:    Martes – 9:00 Iglesia Del Buen Pastor  Se Unió a – 2014 Schertz, Texas
Mi participación en el Ministerio de la Fraternidad Católica Cristiana de Mujeres (FCCW) ha enriquecido no sólo mi relación con Jesús, sino también con otras personas...  mas

Judi Hubbard: St. Catherine of Alexandria 10am Lunes Riverside, CA
FCCW fue fundada en 1996. -pero para mí, ve para tras 2½ años: mi hermano Bill, era un sacerdote por 7 años, y había muerto de un gran ataque del corazón y yo y mi hijo, Scott, de 5 años tenía repetitivos. Fue mucho que procesar,.. mas

Maria Hermisillo:   St. Kateri Tekakwitha 10am Martes Banning, CA
Testimonion de Vida
Esta es una carta donde yo quiero explicar como Dios a ido transformando mi vida, a través de mi asistencia al grupo... mas

Maria Perales:  FCCM Spiritual Guide ROR
Estimadas hermanas en Cristo, Algunas tuvimos la dicha de conocer a Patricia Scileppi. Patricia tenía un don magnético. No era fácil decirle "No"... mas

Sr. Eileen Rafferty: St. Catherine of Alexandria 10 Mondays Riverside, CA 
Visité la reunión de la Fraternidad en el otoño del 2000. Pat me saludó con una cálida bienvenida que de hecho fue como un encuentro con Jesús... mas